Sexual Wellness

Find a happy, healthy, sexually satisfying life

Our therapists will work with you in an understanding, empathetic and openly honest atmosphere to help you comfortably express your feelings regarding sexual health issues as well as out-of-control sexual behaviors and sexual orientation concerns. Through sex therapy, you will better understand your own sexual needs (as well as your partner’s). Sexual health is an integral part of your overall wellness as you age. Countless scientific studies have shown the many benefits of a healthy and active love-life including; living longer, obtaining greater success in business, a greater sense of well-being and of course a happier and longer-lasting relationship.

Men’s Sexual Health & Men’s Issues

Sexual health therapy for men covers many areas. The nature of sexual health therapy varies based on the root condition. Desire disorders, as well as arousal and orgasm disorders, may have physical causes. It is recommended that you meet with a qualified physician or urologist to rule out any medical conditions. Our therapists can help with:

  • Premature Ejaculation
    Studies have found that 30% of men ejaculate within 2 minutes of penetration.
  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Inhibited or Delayed Ejaculation
  • Out of Control Sexual Behavior
  • No or Low Sex Drive
  • Sexual Identity, Orientation and Fetishes
  • Sexual Abuse or Trauma

Women’s Sexual Health & Women’s Issues

Women’s sexual health therapy and counseling is with one of our certified sex therapists. They are mental health providers who address emotional and relationship issues in the same way that other therapists do but use their special training to offer a more targeted approach that emphasizes learning to talk about sexual health and sexual feelings openly. Sex therapy is designed to get to the bottom of sexual  health issues and reverse them. Let us help you with:

  • Painful Intercourse and Vaginismus
  • Lack of Orgasm (Anorgasmia)
  • Inhibited Sexual Desire
  • Performance Anxiety
  • Personal Conflict Issues Related to Sexuality 
  • Low Sexual Desire
  • Compulsive Sexual Behavior

Kink / BDSM / Fetishes

At CRSH, we welcome clients regardless of their sexual preferences, practices, or identities. We work with clients who identify as “kinky” or practice BDSM (bondage & discipline, domination & submission and sadism & masochism), or have particular sexual fetishes. We are kink friendly and knowledgeable. We recognize that the spectrum of sexualities is wide and there are a variety of ways to find pleasure and satisfaction in consensual sexual relationships and practices. Our Kink-Aware therapists can help with issues including:

  • Relationship Issues
  • Everyday Problems
  • Coming Out
  • Cultural Role Conflicts
  • Vanilla & Kink Conflicts
  • Internalized Oppression 
  • Interpersonal Trauma and or Abuse

Sexually Compulsive Behaviors

Treatment for compulsive sexual behavior typically involves psychotherapy. Our primary goal in treatment is to help clients manage their urges and reduce excessive behaviors while maintaining healthy sexual activities. There’s no single universally-accepted definition of compulsive sexual behavior. But, there are some general statements that, taken together, form a definition: A person who is obsessed with sexual thoughts, feelings, or behaviors that affect his or her relationships, health, job, or other parts of life, he or she may have compulsive sexual behavior. You may have heard the terms hypersexuality, sexual addiction, or nymphomania used to describe what is considered compulsive sexual behavior. Compulsive sexual behavior includes a number of different behaviors – taken to extreme. Here are a few examples of what we at CRSH can help with:

  • Multiple Sexual Partners or Multiple Extramarital Affairs
  • Sex With Anonymous Partners or Prostitutes
  • Deliberately Avoiding Emotional Attachment in Relationships
  • Fixation on a Partner That is Unattainable
  • Exhibitionism
  • Masochistic or Sadistic Sex
  • Frequent Use of Pornographic Materials
  • Use of Commercially Available and Sexually Explicit Phone and Internet Services

LGBTQIA Sexual Health & Wellness

LGBTQIA individuals face health disparities linked to social stigma, discrimination, and denial of their civil and human rights. Trans and queer clients have different health needs than our heterosexual and cisgender peers. Discrimination against LGBTQIA persons has been associated with high rates of psychiatric disorders, substance abuse, and suicide. Experiences of violence and victimization are frequent for LGBT individuals, and have long-lasting effects on the individual and the community. Personal, family, and social acceptance of sexual orientation and gender identity can affect the mental, sexual health and personal safety of LGBTQIA individuals. We can help with:

  • Reductions in Disease Transmission and Progression
  • Increased Mental and Physical Well-Being
  • HIV, STD and Viral Hepatitis
  • Sexually Transmitted Disease

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