Jessica Topor, Ph.D., LMFT

Jessica Topor is a licensed marriage and family therapist with experience working with clients of all ages. She has extensive training in working the individuals, couples, and families. She earned her MA and PhD from Michigan State University and has been working with clients for 10 years now. She has experience working with families to help with sibling relationship issues, couples experiencing distress, and families with children with disabilities. Jessica works with couples, families, and individuals, and has experience with all age groups. Jessica's PhD is in human development and family studies, she specializes in work with adolescents and early adults, as well as individuals struggling with developmental crises. She also completed a degree in Sign Language Studies and has worked with Deaf community. Jessica is listed on National Coalition for Sexual Freedom as a Kink Aware Professional.   

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Individual, couples and family counseling
Sibling relationship issues
Couples experiencing distress
Families with children with disabilities
Individuals struggling with developmental crises
Adolescents and early adult focused therapy
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