About Jeanette von Grabe

Author Jeanette von Grabe is a psychotherapist, child-centered mediator and divorce coach. She works with children, adolescents and couples to help reduce high conflict in divorcing families. Her approach is aimed at developing insight and techniques to create an emotionally healthy environment for children to thrive. Her experience in child development and mediation training provides her with an eclectic background to support individuals and couples in making educated and empowered decisions that emotionally protect their children as they uncouple from their partner.

Collaborative divorce – can this really happen?

Collaborative divorce – can this really happen? The answer is a resounding “yes!” An increasing number of couples are learning this method of divorce resolution does work. It begins with collaborative negotiation. An interdisciplinary team – comprised of each partner’s attorney, a divorce coach and a financial advisor – work [...]

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Everyone wins with a parenting plan

Everyone wins with a parenting plan Conflict is natural in a divorce, but what happens to the kids in the midst of a brutal divorce battle? Parents are so fixated on “winning” the fight while their children stand on the sidelines confused, frightened and worried.  Child-centered mediation can be a [...]

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