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Author Jeanette von Grabe is a licensed professional counselor and couples therapist. She has a special interest in helping couples and individuals improve their communication and relationship. If you would like to schedule an appointment with Jeanette, call The Center for Relationship and Sexual Health at 248.399.7447 or visit the center’s website at crsh.com, click “our therapists,” and set up an appointment with Jeanette.

Collaborative divorce – can this really happen?

Collaborative divorce – can this really happen? The answer is a resounding “yes!” An increasing number of couples are learning this method of divorce resolution does work. It begins with collaborative negotiation. An interdisciplinary team – comprised of each partner’s attorney, a divorce coach and a financial advisor – work [...]

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Everyone wins with a parenting plan

Everyone wins with a parenting plan Conflict is natural in a divorce, but what happens to the kids in the midst of a brutal divorce battle? Parents are so fixated on “winning” the fight while their children stand on the sidelines confused, frightened and worried.  Child-centered mediation can be a [...]

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