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The CRSH blog was established to serve as a knowledge source for relationship and sexual health. Through Dr. Kort, this blog explores diverse sex topics ranging from sex addiction to gender identity to relationship building strategies.

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Childhood sexual abuse: The silent shame
February 14, 2020

 Author: Mark McMillan, LMSW, CAADC

Warning: this column may contain content that can be triggering for some readers. 

In the past year, male and female clients came to me wanting to face their past childhood sexual abuse. While my primary focus as a clinician is to help clients with substance abuse, statistics prove that a history of child sexual trauma directly correlates with the misuse of alcohol or other drugs. And if this person identifies as part of the LGBTQ+ community, this correlation increases dramatically.

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Here’s how to kill a relationship in four easy steps
February 13, 2020

“When you forbid a partner from doing something, you invite them to keep a secret.” - Ellyn Bader

Most of us probably feel our relationship will last forever; you love each other deeply and believe your love will sustain the challenges and obstacles you may face along your life’s journey together. But, eventually, if you don’t know how to navigate the many roadblocks you will encounter as a couple, you may crash and burn. Knowing how to steer away from those danger zones will help sustain your relationship and keep it growing and thriving.

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New Year's resolutions...If at first you don't succeed, try again...seriously!
January 16, 2020

Author: Joe Kort, PhD, LMSW


New Year's resolution season, for many of us, already may be a lost cause, you're thinking.

Approximately 92 percent of Americans throw in the towel on our resolutions by the middle of January, and return to our old ways of living once again.

Why do we fail and how can we come up with a plan not to fail?

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Happy Holidays: is this a misnomer?
December 12, 2019

“I’ll be home for Christmas and in therapy by New Year’s.” —   Anonymous

Let’s face it. 

For many people, the holidays really are not happy at all. Tinsel and trauma go hand in hand as countless individuals are forced to spend time with family whom they purposely have avoided all year. As the holidays draw near, so does the mounting anxiety and depression.

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White Ribbon campaign tells only one side of pornography story
November 01, 2019

For the fourth consecutive year, the National WRAP campaign kicked off on the last Sunday in October, and supporters loudly began expressing their anti-pornography cries with the symbolic white ribbon (for decency) and plenty of unfounded evidence.

WRAP (White Ribbon Against Pornography) claims pornography is dangerous and addictive; it leads to violence, sexual abuse and exploitation; and it damages relationships and healthy sexual development in young people. I've even read this: "Pornography is a plague of the worst kind, silently destroying families from the inside out, ensnaring good men and women, and brutally enslaving teens and children in more than one way."

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