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The CRSH blog was established to serve as a knowledge source for relationship and sexual health. Through Dr. Kort, this blog explores diverse sex topics ranging from sex addiction to gender identity to relationship building strategies.

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Not such a happy family? How to resolve conflict with those you love…
September 11, 2019

Conflict is inevitable amongst families. Any sort of conflict, lack of communications, fighting, or mismatching personality styles, can deteriorate family relationships. The lack of communication skills to talk through conflict damages intimacy, bonds and trust between you, and not being able to have open conversations with each other, can harm family life. Not talking effectively to each other can often lead to resentment or stonewalling. The way families chose to resolve and handle conflict makes a huge difference to family life.

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Consensual Non-Monogamy: What Is This New Label?
August 29, 2019

During a recent podcast, I interviewed David Singer, a licensed marriage and family therapist, and a poly- and kink-aware professional who practices in Los Angeles, California. He specializes in working with people practicing or exploring consensual non-monogamy, those involved in kink and power-exchange relationships, and professional sex workers.

Singer has a master’s degree in clinical psychology with an emphasis on marriage and family therapy. He also has more than a decade of experience working with police and fire departments to help survivors of trauma

Our interview focused on consensual non-monogamy, as well as the kink lifestyle, and what all of this means.

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Substance Abuse - Could you be one of the millions struggling?
July 18, 2019

It’s no secret that opioid abuse is a growing problem in our country. An estimated 2.4 million people in the United States abuse prescription painkillers reports psycom.net. And, according to latest information from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), about 11 percent of Americans aged 12 or older were using illicit drugs in the last month. 

“A majority of those surveyed used drugs recreationally or for non-medical reasons,” reports the National Drug Helpline. “But many others used them because they were dependent on the substance or were struggling with addiction.”

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Why women lose their sex drive and how to get it back
July 03, 2019

­­­­­­ Holding down a full-time job, and being a wife and mother can be overwhelming and highly desexualizing. When women come into my office and tell me they lost their sex drive, it doesn't take long to find the reason why. After working all day, only to come home to their second job of caring for their family, they find it nearly impossible to shift to romantic mode when the evening winds down. Their mind is racing 100 miles an hour with a "to do" list of the next day, and on top of that, they no longer feel desirable.

Two issues are here: a noisy mind and low self-image.

If a woman is upset or tired, if she is feeling overworked and under appreciated, she is not going to perform in bed. In order to get in bed, you have to get out of your head.

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Infidelity, finances, kids - the big three
June 20, 2019

In the many years I have worked as a therapist, the three most common reasons for relationship conflicts are: 1. infidelity, 2. finances, and 3. kids

1. Infidelity - Finding out your partner has been unfaithful can throw your relationship into crisis mode and possibly even destroy it.  Today, with social media, partners can have a relationship that is not physical, but is still considered cheating. Sexting and suggestive conversations are two ways of cheating that are easy and very tempting. When the trust in a relationship is lost, it is hard to regain it.

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