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Guest Blogger R. Shelly Loomus, JD, MSW: "The Best Interests of Children in High-Conflict Divorces" (Conflict Management)
January 07, 2016

Guest Blogger R. Shelly Loomus, JD, MSW, explores step-by-step strategies that have successfully helped people manage their divorce-related conflicts in her new book, Winning Your High-Conflict Divorce: Strategies for Moms and Dads. "The Best Interests of Children in High-Conflict Divorces" takes a look into how to manage the "seemingly unmanageable." For more information about Shelly, her book, and her practices, visit www.manageyourconflict.com

***To register for the upcoming workshop, Navigating High-Conflict Divorce, click here.***

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Relationship Counseling – 3 Tips to Improve Your Relationship (When You are the Only One in Counseling)
January 05, 2016

What if you want to improve your relationship, but your partner will not come along? Can you still improve your relationship better without the help of your partner coming to therapy with you?. You may well feel anger and disappointment that your partner isn’t willing to do the work, but it’s too easy to blame and shame someone else for not doing the right thing in your relationship.

Yes, to improve your relationship, it makes sense that you both come in. However, some people are genuinely afraid of relationship counseling: For them, it seems too overwhelming. They may not be ready to enter into an office with a complete stranger and be asked to share intimate details about their personal life—let alone their relationship.

But you can still do your own individual, personal work to impact your relationship in positive and powerful ways.

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